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Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Scrapping Your Vehicle

Here in our country, the MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) has set forward specific rules to discard old vehicles plying on the Indian roads. Also, now in India, scrapping an old car has become more accessible than ever.if you wish to scrap the vehicle you own, here are the things should know before you do so.

1. Plan early to scrap a vehicle.

Starting with the plan to scrap is ideally a good idea. Take a note of the exact process and the documents you’d need to carry the process forward. We recommend planning to scrap your vehicle at least a month before the vehicle’s RC expires

2. Should you scrap or sell your vehicle?

Depending upon where you live and the fuel your vehicle runs on, you can ideally go with two things. One is the straightforward way to scrap the vehicle or sell your car outside of the Chandigarh. Well, it is the Chandigarh and the Tri-City region where the scrappage policy is taken a little too seriously.

3.How to scrap it?

Now, if you have decided to scrap your vehicle, firstly, we’ve been there, it is not easy to see your vehicle in the crushing yard. So, you’d need to find the nearest government authorised scrap yard. Talking about Chandigarh, here are Selectautoscrap you can go to. All you have to do is take your vehicle to the centre with the documents and it’ll be done. Stay put to know the documents required.

4. Documentation

To deregister your vehicle, you’ll need to submit the car’s fitness certificate declaring the car to be unfit. Also, a copy of the RC, Pan card, crossed cheque and bank account details to transfer the deposit. In the end, authorisation of the vehicle owner is a must. But if the owner is deceased, the death certificate will do.

5.Deregistering the vehicle

Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, how to deregister your vehicle? After scrapping the vehicle, it’s simple, that the authorised facility will upload the chassis number and a photograph of the dismantled and scrapped vehicle.
As per the latest government notification, the scrapping facility will not immediately release the chassis number and keep it to itself for six months. Later the certificate will automatically be uploaded to the VAHAN database. So, this is done to prevent any misuse of the vehicle. Also, do remember to go to a government authorised scrapping centre.

6.The Price of Scrap car

Well, the sad part is you’ll not be getting much amount for getting your vehicle scrapped. For one, it’ll either be cut into the bare metal, and you’ll receive the amount according to per kilogram of metal.But you can get more by selling individual car parts if it is in working condition.

Selectusedparts is the Govt. authorised scraping centre in Chandigarh. Here you can scrap your Commercial vehicle, Private vehicle & two-wheelers. We offer the best value and Govt. benefits & incentive for your car. Contact or WhatsApp us today at-+91 93560 22555

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